Wyndham Worldwide’s green governance
​By Jeana Wirtenberg Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dr. Jeana Wirtenberg, nationally recognized expert in organizational change, shares the fourth of four exclusive excerpts adapted from her new book Building a Culture for Sustainability.

At Wyndham Worldwide, sustainability has a governance structure that is unique in three distinct ways: Wyndham Green, Wyndham Green Council, and alignment of Wyndham’s human resources and corporate services.

How Sanofi creates a virtuous cycle with sustainability
​By Jeana Wirtenberg Friday, August 22, 2014

Dr. Jeana Wirtenberg, nationally recognized expert in organizational change, shares the third of four exclusive excerpts adapted from her new book Building a Culture for Sustainability.

Our whole focus is patient-centric. This is core to who we are and integrates CSR into everything we do.

—John Spinnato, 2012

What has inspired me most as I’ve come to know Sanofi and its people over the last 10 years is their extraordinary level of caring and humanity, manifested in the company’s overriding commitment “to improve the health of all seven billion people on the planet.” 

Capturing hearts and minds with green teams

By   Friday, August 15, 2014

Dr. Jeana Wirtenberg, nationally recognized expert in organizational change, shares the second of four exclusive excerpts adapted from her new book Building a Culture for Sustainability.

Ingersoll Rand is committed to making sustainability a widely held value that becomes a central part of how its employees live and work every day; it is going beyond compliance, or simply “following the rules.” Gretchen Digby, director, global education and engagement, CEES, explained that Ingersoll Rand wants to help its employees find ways to integrate sustainability and “apply it to everything we do.”


Companies That Do Sustainabililty Right Make it Mainstream, Not Niche
By Jeana Wirtenberg July 01, 2014 

Twenty-five years ago, sustainability was not a part of standard business discourse. Today it is—and business schools helped make that happen. But we’re reaching the natural limits of what B-schools started. Only a wave of innovation in management education will help businesses get fast enough to meet customers’ needs in a hotter flatter, more crowded world.


Article written about Building a Culture for Sustainability People, Planet and Profits in a New Green Economy In Forbes, June 30, 2014

Does Sustainability Mean Anything Anymore? Lessons From Pfizer, Alcoa and Alcatel-Lucent

By Andrew Cave

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Wirtenberg Examines How BASF, Alcoa, Pfizer and More Are Building a Culture for Sustainability
Jeana Wirtenberg knows sustainability is about people. Her exhaustively researched but highly readable book, Building a Culture for Sustainability: People, Planet and Profits in a New Green Economy, gives readers a detailed framework to bridge the gap between what leaders say they want their companies to accomplish around sustainability and what actually gets done — by building a culture for sustainability. READ MORE

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Harmon, J., Fairfield, K. & Wirtenberg, J. (2010)  "Missing an Opportunity: HR Leadership and Sustainability", HR People and Strategy. Vol. 33, No. 1,  16-21. 

Triple Bottom Line:  Creating 3.0 Leaders for the 21st Century  

An article in "Leadership Excellence" by Dr. Jeana Wirtenberg

Sustainability and the green economy present great challenges and opportunities—and sustainable leadership is what will turn the tide. We must bring about sustainable business models that enable companies, people, and our planet to flourish and thrive now and in the future. How do we do this?

Articles and Press

"HR's Role in Building a Sustainable Enterprise: Insights from Some of the World's Best Companies," Wirtenberg, J., Harmon, J., Russell, W., Fairfield, K., Human Resource Planning, Volume 30, No. 1, 2007, pp. 10-20. 

Accelerating HR’s Role in CSR and Sustainability

NEW YORK CITY—HR professionals need to be more involved in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability initiatives, but are often left out of the picture. People specializing in these fields should partner with HR to make the most of such programs, and HR should step up its game to get involved, speakers said at the Commit!Forum. The annual event attracts executives to discuss CSR.
“If the goal is to get every employee considering sustainability or corporate social responsibility across every business function, the HR function plays such a key role,”

Building bridges to a sustainable future
​ By Jeana Wirtenberg on Monday, July 28, 2014 

Dr. Jeana Wirtenberg, nationally-recognized expert in organizational change, shares one of four exclusive excerpts adapted from her new book Building a Culture for Sustainability.Whether they realize it or not, companies today must choose between two fundamentally different paths: the path of yesterday and unsustainability, and the path of a prosperous and sustainable future for themselves, society, and the planet.

Three Transformative Business Sustainability Trends

By Jeana Wirtenberg July 10,2014

Sustainability has come a long way in the last 30 years. Fewer and fewer business leaders are asking, “Why should my company take action?” and more and more are asking “How?”—how do they create impactful programs that will take root, deliver return on investment, and drive innovation across the business?

The Guardian
Starbucks degree program points to a wider shift in business values
Jeana Wirtenberg: the coffee chain's free degree program is just one of a number of corporate initiatives which recognize shareholder value comes from creating value for people Read article

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​Jeana Wirtenberg: How 9 leaders are building sustainable cultureBy Eban Goodstein, May 20, 2014In this Bard MBA conversation, author and HR veteran Wirtenberg explains how to steer corporate culture toward sustainability.

Women in CSR: Dr. Jeana Wirtenberg, Transitioning to Green - Triple Pundit 
Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit ⋅ Andrea Newell 
Dr. Jeana Wirtenberg, PhD, CEO, Transitioning to Green, talks about her career, inspiration and recent accomplishments in our Women in CSR series.  

Jeana Wirtenberg

and Associates

People  Planet  Profits....

When It All Comes Together!,

Five Keys to Unlock Human Potential and Solve our Most Intractable Problems

By Jeana Wirtenberg, PhD, president and CEO of Transitioning to Green

With talented business people squarely in the driver's seat, I believe we can create an inspiring, engaging path to solving our most intractable problems. As the corporate agenda moves from reducing harm to acknowledging the critically important role business plays in the well-being of society, the new agenda will be based on shared value for sustainable progress. First we need to unlock and unleash the incredibly talented people in organizations who want purpose, passion, challenge, and meaning in their work. Given the statistics on lack of engagement of workers worldwide, we are sitting on a remarkable, underutilized pool of talent that must be applied to designing businesses that actually increase prosperity for all. 

Sustaining profits: Going green can improve the bottom line, even for small businesses 
​By Brett Johnson September 8, 2014 

Transitioning to Green CEO Jeana Wirtenberg: “95 percent of sustainable projects are either cost-neutral or positive.” 

Small business owners have offered sustainability gurus every excuse in the book. Their plans for eco-friendly infrastructure reforms were shelved because they were a resource drain … their 200-page-long PowerPoint presentation about energy efficiency was disregarded because, well, it's 200 pages … they can't even think about going green because it takes too much green. Read article
Building a Culture for Sustainability- A New Book 
July 23, 2014 By greatgreeneditingadmin by Alison Lueders

From sustainability to employee engagement to profitability
​Research shows that sustainable business initiatives create more engaged (happier) employees, which lead to more profitable companies. Specifically: Gallup research shows that companies with  more engaged employees are more profitable. Research from Harvard Business School shows that “sustainability initiatives are highly appealing to employees.” 

How Big Business Can Help Small Business Become More Sustainable
A Virtuous Cycle with Benefits for All
By Jeana Wirtenberg

In this guest blog by Jeana Wirtenberg, Ph.D., she discusses her latest book, and her role at the upcoming Verizon Sustainability Summit.  She is the co-founder and senior adviser at the Institute for Sustainable Enterprise.
Why would giant global businesses like Verizon, Alcoa, Sanofi, and Wyndham Worldwide invest their valuable time and money to support small businesses in becoming more sustainable?  I say, “Why wouldn’t they?”  Read more

Harness these forces to transform your sustainability practices

By Jeana Wirtenberg Published July 16, 2014

Sustainability is no ordinary change-management challenge. An entire economic system is in transition. That’s why forces beyond the ordinary are so badly needed.

Over the past two years, while doing research for my new book, "Building a Culture for Sustainability," and for my teaching, I have been struck by three fundamental forces.