Jeana Wirtenberg

and Associates

People  Planet  Profits....

When It All Comes Together!,


Edited by Jeana Wirtenberg with William G. Russell and David Lipsky
in collaboration with The Enterprise Sustainability Action Team

Today, managers and leaders of organizations, in both the private sector and civil society, are being challenged as never before to find ways to play a proactive role in addressing the concerns of sustainable development. But they are often
overwhelmed by a bombardment of conflicting messages from the media,
shareholders, customers, employees, and NGOs. The Sustainable Enterprise
Fieldbook helps managers deal with this confusion. It teaches them how to
strike a better balance, moving from an "either/or" mind-set to one that holistically embraces social, environmental and economic issues simultaneously. It addresses the "what" ("what is a sustainable strategy for a company or organization?") as well as the "how" ("how do we go about building a sustainable enterprise?").                                                                                                         Order Now!

Building a Culture for Sustainability
People, Planet, and Profits in a New Green Economy

Jeana Wirtenberg, Ph.D
Foreword by Andrew Winston

This practical, easy-to-understand book sets a path to successfully building a culture for sustainability in today's global marketplace, providing "best practice" case studies from industries and sectors including manufacturing, business-to-business, hospitality, consumer products, telecommunications, and professional services.

"Sustainability" isn't merely a buzzword; it's critical to long-term success.In their own words, leaders, managers, and employees from nine global companies explain how they are turning their visions into reality. Sustainability and human resources expert Jeana Wirtenberg describes how these companies are transforming challenges into opportunities by opening their minds to the megatrends that will define the future.  The vast majority of today's CEOs consider sustainability essential to                                                                                    Order Now!