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When It All Comes Together!,

Wirtenberg, J., 2016. "The Living Organization: Designing a New Landscape for OD."  Chapter 9. W. J. Rothwell, J. M. Stavros, R. L. Sullivan, and J. D. Vogelsang (Editors), Organization Development in Practice, San Francisco, CA: Organization Development Network, 150-167.  

This chapter is based on a mini-design summit entitled "Consciousness of Connectedness in the Workplace," at Case Weatherhead's "Flourish and Prosper" Global Forum on October 16-17, 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio. ​  

Wirtenberg, J., 2011. Sustainable Enterprise for the 21st Century. Chapter 4, Volume I (of 3 Volumes), S.G. McNall, J.C.Hershauer and G.Basile, (Editors),The Business of Sustainability: Trends, Policies, Practices and Stories of Success, Santa Barbara, Ca: ABC-CLIO, 67-88.  Order Now!

Wirtenberg, J. (2011). "Unleashing Talent in Service of a Sustainable Future", The Talent Management Handbook (2ndEdition), New York: McGraw Hill, Chapter 37, pp. 374-384.  

​This chapter defines the role of HR and OD in driving the “Triple Bottom Line” (People, Planet and Profits), and offers principles, frameworks and tools for integrating sustainability into talent management systems and processes. 
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Book chapters Jeana has written

Dr. Jeana Wirtenberg is featured in a new book, "The Psychologist Manager:  Success Models for Psychologists in Executive Positions," by Louise Kelly and Jay M. Finkelman. 

Dr. Wirtenberg is the subject of the chapter "Profile in Sustainability:  From Government to Corporate to Sustainability Management."
"The Psychologist Manager:  Success Models for Psychologists in Executive Positions"                     
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